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Yu Hua National Type Secondary School is located in the town of Kajang. Kajang is a cosmopolitan and in a certain way a metropolis situated in the State of Selangor, which is one of the  14 states in Malaysia. (Colored in Brown in the map) The town has been growing rapidly, especially after the growth of Malaysia’s new administrative centre, Putrajaya and our country’s very own cyber city, Cyberjaya, owing to the town’s central location.



Our school has a rich and vibrant history which dates back to the 1910s. Before 1917, it was a very small Chinese school named Boon Hua which was attached to the Merchant Club of Main Street, Kajang. As the number of pupils increased, it then shifted to two shop houses in Nos.2 & 4, Sulaiman Street and officially became an independent school - the former body of Yu Hua School.

When Boon Hua was officially founded, its first chairman, Mr. Low Ti Kok and the headmaster, Mr. Tan Yi Hoh, applied for a piece of land as site for the permanent school building. With invaluable help of the committee members, the new school building was completed in 1918 along Jalan Low Ti Kok; and, was then renamed Yu Hua School. The new building was occupied in 1919.

Mr. Low Ti Kok held post as chairman for ten years until 1926, when, due to his health, Mr. Chen Foot, succeeded him as chairman. During the period Messrs. Fong Tse Tong, Leong Kee Kah and Seow Sau Chew were the headmasters. In 1929, Mr. Low Yuk Lai was elected chairman and five classrooms were added to cope with the increase in the number of pupils seeking admission into the school. It was then that the Junior Middle Course was first introduced. Mr. Lim Seng Chee was appointed headmaster. He came from China accompanied by several prominent teachers. As a result, the school became bigger and more well-known.

In 1930, Mr. Low Khee Hwa took over the chairman of the school committee with Mr. Koh Hoe Tee as headmaster. Five classrooms were again erected in 1934, and a student's hostel was obtained to accommodate the outstation pupils who were attracted by the name of the school.

In 1935, Mr. Low Yuk Lai was again elected chairman while Mr. Low Khee Hwa held the post of supervisor with the same headmaster, Mr. Koh Hoe Tee. The school committee found that there were no more land for expansion and so funds were raised to buy the piece of land adjoining the school, planning an overall expansion. Unfortunately the Second World War started. The school was occupied by the Japanese Army and the equipments were completely destroyed.

It was in 1946 that the school re-opened. Mr. Ng Bow Thai was elected chairman with Mr. Low Khee Hwa as supervisor and Mr. Chen Pak Mo as acting headmaster. It was not until 1954, that another school extension comprising five classrooms was added. At the same time, the Junior Middle Course was re-started and Mr. Kong Ying Chai was appointed headmaster. In 1955, Mr. Lee Kee succeeded as headmaster. Later, a School Building Committee headed by Mr. Low Nan Fui was set up to raise the building fund and towards the end of 1957 a two storey building and a row of five rooms were ready for use in 1958.

Under a new Education Policy after Merdeka, the school was, in 1958, separated into two, i.e. Yu Hua Middle School and Yu Hua Primary School. Mr. Ng Bow Thai and Mr. Low Khee Hwa became the chairman respectively, while Mr. Lee Kee and Mr. Ong Yew Chai held the posts of headmasters. It can be said that the school had entered a new stage since its founding 40 years ago. Until 1961, when Mr. Low Nan Fui succeeds as chairman of Yu Hua Primary School, the other top offices remained unchanged.

In 1962, the Middle School was converted into a National Type Secondary School. Mr. Ng Bow Thai continued to be the chairman while Mr. Gan Kim Pow became the headmaster. Enrolment increased rapidly. Within a few years the school doubled in size. In 1965 the school had its first Senior Class. This can be regarded as a milestone in the history of the school.

The dream of a school library was eventually realized in the middle of 1965. The new building consists of a laboratory and a preparation room on the ground floor with the library upstairs. This building is now known as the North Wing I Annexe.

Today, Yu Hua National Type Secondary School is one of the most prominent schools in Kajang with an ever-increasing enrolment. With a teaching force of 127 and a student population of nearly 3000, Yu Hua has always and will always continue to provide the community with quality education in accordance to the Ministry of Education’s guidelines regardless of race, colour or religion.


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